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B2B EDI Integration

For a business, its vendors, customers, logistics providers, and distributors are more important. Also, known as the trading partners, these people or firms play an important role in business growth. However, engaging in various business processes with these trading partners is not an easy task. Because a lot of business transactions take place every day among these entities. Often, these transactions involve complex procedures and high-level expertise.

But, our dynamic EDI solution is the perfect B2B Trading Partner Management TPM for any kind of business. It has been designed to withstand all the modern-day business needs and makes every business transaction quite simple. For instance, all the orders, invoices, customs records, bank payments, etc., turn out completely easy to handle.

Addition of new partners is hassle-free:

With the help of our robust EDI solution, adding a new partner into your business circle will be not a hefty task. You just need to fulfill a request form for this purpose. First, you are required to enter the new partner’s name along with a unique identifier in the form. This identifier can be anything, including your firm’s Global Location Number (GLN).

Makes the business documents’ exchange process quite simple:

Today, several advanced methods are available for the exchange of key documents besides the traditional VANS network. For example, FTP, AS2, AS4, SFTP, API, PEPPOL, E-mail, and many more. Our powerful EDI solution supports all kinds of transport methods for document exchange. You need to mark your preferred method of transferring in the “transport type” downtown menu on the request form. Apart from the transport method, you will also be enabled to select your preferred file format. The highly advanced file formats such as EDIFACT, CSV, XML, JSON, and plenty of others are available for use.

Monitor your trading partners:

Handling several trading partners at once is not that easy. Because the requirements of each trading partner are pretty different. Likewise, trade agreements and business/payment methods of every trading partner will be unique. Our dynamic EDI solution assists in monitoring all your trading partners by dividing them into different groups. Suppliers, logistic providers, and customers are examples of such groups. Further, these trading partners can be divided on the basis of their location as well. For instance, US-based trading partners or China-based trading partners. But, each sole partner might belong to more than one group. For example, a trading partner may be part of the suppliers’ group as well as US-based trading partners.

Quick exchanging of business documents:

Earlier, you would have needed at least two days for setting up a new exchange link with a trading partner. You would’ve asked to place a request to your firm’s IT department first for this link. But, our robust EDI solution helps in establishing a quick exchange link. You just need to create an FTP or SFTP account along with a password.

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