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Drive your Business Growth with EDI Processes

EDI Processes

Today, most of the business communications are done through EDI. The processes supported by EDI, widely known as EDI process are highly beneficial in improving the overall efficiency and getting optimal productivity.  Besides, they also improve the workflow of your processes associated with your trading partners as well.

You may ask why it is necessary to invest in EDI? Nowadays, dimensions of the business environment are changing rapidly owing to the increasing competitiveness. To survive in this tough world, you must focus on enhancing your productivity and building a competitive advantage. For this, you need to upgrade your technology and make every process to yield maximum output. The entire approach demands a lot of effort and investment. 

In such conditions, the effective integration of EDI can become the most useful tool in addressing this issue. 

But, before implementing EDI, you make sure that your EDI has been brought from a trusted provider. Also, it must seamlessly integrate with your ERP or accounting system. If not, then you are likely to encounter several serious issues during the execution of EDI.

Now, let’s have a look at some processes whose efficiencies can be easily enhanced through a powerful EDI solution.

Sync of EDI with ERP

Manual transferring of your crucial business data from one system to another will always be burdensome. You need to focus more on entering the correct data into the system(s) and train your staff for it. Because most of the errors usually happen due to the negligence shown by the data-entering staff. For example, the mistyped data and the input of data in the wrong field. In case your business deals with a large number of transactions on a daily basis, then transferring data becomes extremely tedious and also consumes a considerable amount of time.

It really does not matter what your business size is. If you have not integrated your EDI with your ERP or any other accounting software, then this manual entering of data becomes absolutely essential. You will require to enter all the business data that has been received by your EDI into your ERP/accounting software and vice versa. 

In both cases, a lot of time will be consumed, whereas the potential for error is also very high. On the other hand, by integrating both your EDI and ERP, you can achieve faster processing of data and enhanced accuracy levels. You will not only be able to meet all your trading partner’s EDI requirements more precisely but also can improve your supplier score. 

EDI Data validation

Any integrated EDI must have built-in data validation and processing controls. These assist in ensuring whatever business data entered into the EDI by your staff is valid, accurate, and error-free. With it, you will be able to make informed decisions to drive your business growth. At the same time, your trading partners will always receive reliable data, due to that, their trust in your business will keep on increasing.  

Also, many software and tools are available in the market at affordable prices these days. You can make use of them to guarantee all your crucial data entered into EDI is accurate and error-free. This data will not only help in maintaining data integrity but also improves your business relationships.

Onboarding supply chain partners 

Setting up coordination with your trading partners is always a crucial aspect. Because every firm will have its own working policies and demands that you must follow them. Also, when you launch a new venture, you are required to create new legal documents to obtain the services of existing supply chain partners. You need to invest time as well as money in legal procedures and wait for a longer period before your partner starts to serve your new venture.

But, with edi onboarding process, you can easily overcome both these barriers more efficiently. Your EDI will fasten the entire process and also meet all the requirements of your trading partners.

EDI Order Processing

If your business is not integrated with EDI, handling a large volume of business data becomes more tedious. The human interference during entering of the data might result in a large number of data errors. With it, your edi order processing will turn out much slower, and also you may tend to face many issues. For instance, the wrong entry of item names or quantities may result in returning items. You also need to wait for a longer period for the arrival of the correct items and then carry on your business operations. It will unnecessarily consume your valuable time and cause a delay in your business process. 

Thus, scaling up your business operations becomes nearly impossible in such a condition.

However, your order processing becomes seamless with the proper EDI integration. With it, you can easily prevent incorrect order placings, and receive the correct items within the scheduled time. Also, you will be able to continue your business operations without any trouble.

Besides facilitating constant operations, the EDI also helps you in avoiding shipment delays. By doing so, it helps in improving your shipment score.

Decision making 

The availability of accurate data speeds up your decision-making process. You will have a greater insight across your supply chain and be able to take timely decisions. Also, you can avoid conditions that greatly impact your business process. For instance, out of stock conditions, delayed order placing, late payments, etc. 

With your EDI integration, you will be able to establish an efficient tracking system across your supply chain. Also, you will be able to place the orders quickly and get the items within the scheduled times. And, thereby sustain your edi business process operations without any trouble.

Order to cash cycle

The term refers to all the processes involved in the selling of goods. Receiving orders, processing, creating invoices, collecting payments, etc., falls under this. When human input is high across these edi invoice processing, then more errors and process delays will be evident.

With EDI integration, the processing speed increases greatly. On the contrary,  the total amount of data errors decreases drastically. Further, as the data is exchanged through a well-secured platform, there will be the least chances for any kind of data tampering. 

More importantly, EDI not only fastens your processes but also allows you to trace the entire data exchange process. With it, you can easily make use of any cost-saving methods. For example, continuous replenishment, lead time reduction, and many more.

Apart from these, your EDI also offers many other admirable benefits for your business. For example,

Streamlining different processes and improving overall efficiency is not an easy task for any business. But, with the help of a proper EDI integration, this can be easily achieved within a shorter period.  

Now, do you want to simplify your business processes and quickly enhance your business capabilities? Then, opt for a powerful fully integrated edi system at the earliest.


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