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Empower Your Business with Shopify EDI Integration

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a process that allows organizations to shift from the traditional format of recording and storing information regarding their sales and inventory from papers to electronic formats. When organizations start integrating EDI with their online business they will be able to store all details revolving around their online business like purchase orders, inventory lists, customer lists in digital formats.

This is why people who are running online stores are opting for EDI Shopify integration. As businesses keep expanding the number of visitors to these online stores will increase.

With the increase in sales, merchants will have to deal with more volume of shipments and that too from different delivery companies like FedEx and UPS.

Therefore it’s wise when the volume of transactions of an online business increases merchants to opt for Shopify EDI integration so that they will be able to deal with the increased sales traffic without jeopardizing their overall operations.

In the age when online sellers are vying for a bigger part of the online customer pie, no one can afford to be held back by legacy systems. As sellers go for EDI Shopify integration sellers can deal with all hiccups like back-end business functions, trading with retailers, third-party logistic partners, and suppliers.
After online merchants opt for Shopify EDI Integration they can rest assured as problems that take place during Drop shipping like misspelled names, wrong addresses due to human errors will be avoided and the overall process will become smoother and efficient.

Benefits of EDI for Shopify


Inventory Import

By integrating EDI with Shopify the sellers will be able to draw in and transfer products from multiple source providers, distributors, etc. The EDI platform will provide all the necessary data feeds to the users which will allow them to have access to all the relevant data from their warehouses.

Building customized product catalogs

With EDI integration the users will be able to truly customize the looks and feel of their online stores in whatever ways they please.

Coming up with a smart sales strategy

The perks of EDI integration with Shopify are not restricted to customizations and inventory control, after the integration the merchants will be able to apply rules and filters to go through the data and come up with killer pricing strategies to woo their customers.

Automating Inventory tracking

After Shopify EDI integration the users can come up with their own custom and tailor-made formulas to automate their business processes like sending tracking numbers to the clients automatically every time an order has been placed, updating their inventory stock details at a precise time, etc.

By automating such routine tasks the merchants will be able to divert their time and resources to much more important things.

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Tapping into multiple channels

Some EDI vendors will allow the sellers to become a multichannel retail base, the merchants will be able to tap into multiple e-commerce centers like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, to tap into more sales.

Quality Control

It doesn’t matter how much data you extract from your customers and suppliers, the real worth of the data is in its accuracy, with EDI integration sellers won’t have to bother with false and error-prone data which may happen with manual entering.

Saving Money

The Shopify Plus EDI Integration will allow the online e-tailers to cut their costs anywhere between 50-70 percent. As EDI has done away with nuisances like manual order processing and exchange of paper-based documents.
Finance and Accounting

Finance is all about numbers and its relevance depends on the accuracy of those said numbers, with the Shopify EDI Integration the users will be provided accurate data too on a real-time basis. With this data at their disposal, the finance and marketing teams can come up with future promotions for hot selling products thereby increasing the profit margin of the firm.

Better campaigns

The success rate of any marketing campaign depends on the data as all modern marketing departments are and should be driven by data. The marketer will be able to see whether their campaigns are having any positive impact on the bottom line and if so by how much degree.

Cloud EDI

The guidelines for transactions for each marketplace like Amazon will be totally different from another like eBay and if the merchants are non-compliant with their trading partners guidelines they will receive chargebacks.

The guidelines of a company will outline how they expect to receive purchase orders, invoices and other transactions from their sellers, when sellers go for Shopify plus EDI integration the EDI system will take care of everything. The system will map and digitize all the sellers trading partners into one place.

Usually, in organizations that deal with such transactions, they will be run and tested by human beings, but in the age of automation, it’s better to go for a cloud-based EDI system that can do all the heavy lifting.


EDI integration with Shopify makes processing critical business processes more efficient, resulting in the reduction of the risks associated with manual tasks and ensures the safety of operations. Start your business with Shopify now and enable the quick and accurate interchange of data.

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