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Value Added Network EDI

Value Added Network EDI

Value Added Network EDI

If you are earning your bread and butter by relying upon the business, then you know that one of the important factors to consider in a betterment of business is communication and security. This is so because you need to have a proper communication with your partner so that there is clarity between both of your trades. 

It is also important to handle all these data transactions in a secured manner as there are a lot of people waiting out there just to copy your work, put their tag, and sell it further. And you cannot do anything at that point because you weren’t handling your data transactions securely. 

So how can you have good communication securely with your partner? This is when EDI kicks in. So what is EDI? And how one of its protocols i.e. EDI VAN can help you? Let’s discuss.

What is VAN?

Value Added Network (VAN) is a private network providing service.  In simple words VAN can be defined as a channel which is used for transacting and communicating from system A to system B.

What is an EDI VAN?

Any Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which uses Value Added Network (VAN) as its network which is provided privately is considered as EDI VAN. EDI VAN can also provide services like EDI translation, management reporting, encryption, and secure email service. All these services come under the “Value Added” packages of EDI VAN.

How does the EDI VAN work?

The working of EDI VAN is simple. Firstly, EDI Van gets mail from the senders. Then it sorts those mail as in whom to send and when to send. And then it delivers the respected mail to the respective recipient.

Here, EDI VAN uses an electronic mail box for each of the business and trading partners who use the service of EDI VAN. the trading partners have the option of receiving and sending the messages either by a connected dial-up system or a completely different internet connection.  

Also EDI VAN gives access to the admin system, so that it can give the permission of either sending or receiving or both the options to all of its recipients. This EDI VAN can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By this you can access the electronic mailbox whenever you want. By this EDI VAN interconnects with all your business and trading partners easily. 

The Evolution of the EDI VAN

In the late 80’s, Value Added Networks emerged as the important way for connecting all the supply chain participants. This helped all the businesses to reduce the usage of paper transfers needed.

But in some part of time EDI VAN’s started becoming very costly for most of the businesses. Only the business giants could have afforded the EDI integrated VAN software.

Most of these VAN’s only used to support the format of EDI standard messages like EDIFACT and Transoms. But today, in this world of E-commerce, it can support all the new format technologies like XML message format and CSV message format.

Recently EDI VAN is being attacked by the newer technologies like AS2 communication Protocols of EDI. Because in this companies can easily connect with its trading partners and that too using some of the best secured protocols.

Due to these technologies, EDI VAN is pushed to have newer and latest technologies and services so that they can give competitions to these other services.

What are the advantages of EDI Value Added Network (VAN)?

After studying all the details one common question that arises is what are the advantages of EDI Value Added Network (VAN)? And how does it help your company?

What to remember about Value Added Network (VAN)?

To sum it up, there are literally plenty of advantages, if you use Electronic Data Interchange with a Value Added Network (EDI VAN). Here, you can be able to spend less amount on all the costs which are associated with all kinds of errors which occur in data entry errors. You can also be able to improve your business and trading relationships with your partners and reduce the time delay in the transactions. So, you should remember that EDI VAN is a reliable and secured network protocol for EDI which you can use in your businesses.

So is this EDI VAN right for you? Well it completely depends on your work and several other factors. This is so because some of the retailers only accept your proposal if you have EDI VAN. EDI VAN Can help you and your business to set up and cope up quickly because all you need to do is communicate with your EDI VAN software, rest all the work is handled by itself.

If you are looking for the best EDI Value Added Network Service Providers then, you can visit our websites and get the best EDI related services.

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