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What is EDI 990?

EDI 990

The EDI 990 is a Load Tender response document derived for the X12 EDI framework. This response document is used by motor carriers to represent whether a particular shipment will be picked up for delivery which was previously offered by the shipper. This transaction is created in response to the 204 sets of transactions which is also known as MCLT or the Motor Carrier Load Tender. This is further used by the manufacturers, wholesalers, distribution centers, and many other organizations associated with motor logistics where they can be producers, goods managers, shippers. It can also be used to accept the request of the spot bid or reject the shipper.

Some of the responses that can be delivered with the EDI 990 transactions set are:-

The EDI 990 transaction set document has the carrier’s response, with minimal data that is relative to a specific shipment. If the shipment order is accepted with or without the conditions or is declined then this transaction can also include information associated with these conditions and points considered causing rejection of the offer. Once receiving the EDI 990 receipt the transporter should also respond in the form of KOF 997 Functional acknowledgment and present that the 990 transaction document is successfully received. With the EDI 204 transaction data set, the 990 is normally used by the carriers that go for full load shipments. To summarize all of this information into a brief definition then EDI 990 can be defined as:-

EDI 990 Definition

It is a transaction set document of response from a carrier that represents the load that was selected or declined with numerous enlisted details.

EDI 990 Specification

The EDI 990 transaction document set is on the frame of the X12 transaction set which holds the right format for data continents and establishes a clear designed response called LTTS (990) which is Load Tender Transaction Set. Thus is used within the context and guidelines of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) area or environment. This transaction data set can be used to deliver general information associated with a specific shipment. The directions to a load tender is used as the response to a transaction set 204 called Motor Carrier Load tender Transaction set which is used on the load tender side.

Format for EDI 990

To represent how the EDI 990 transaction data set looks like, here is a sample format of how different segments are structured in the EDI 990 transaction set:









Workflow of exchanging of an EDI 990 response to a load tender:

Normally a workflow for the exchange of EDI 990 transaction document set has the following processes:

After that, a transporter loads the freight and generates EDI 211 that is a Motor Carrier Bill of loading.

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