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Options for EDI Tracking and Search

Feature-rich, our advanced EDI integration solution offers excellent options for tracking and searching. It assists in keeping a watch on any business transaction across the supply chain. Let’s have a quick check on the options offered by our EDI integration in this regard:

Period: Get the list of all the business transactions taken place between two specified dates. Besides, you are also allowed to narrow down your search to a particular day, week, or month.

Sender: Obtain the list of business transactions that have been carried out with a specific sender. Just you need to enter the name or unique identifier of the sender in the “search” option. Further, you can reduce the search to a specific period.

Recipient: Get the list of all the business transactions that have been executed with a specific recipient. Just add the name or unique identifier of the recipient in the “search” option. Also, you can easily shorten the search for a certain period.

Type of document: Access a single or a group of similar kinds of business documents without any difficulty. For instance, Invoices, Orders, Product Catalogues, Delivery Notes, etc.

Document Number: Obtain the specific invoice or order number through a document name or unique identifier.

Transaction Status: Access the current status of any business transaction. With the help of transaction ID, you will get to know the status of any specific transaction. Also, you will get to know whether it is processed or not.

Message Number: Access a specific message within a batch in case you are planning to switch the batches using the message number.

Interchange Number: Obtain business transaction number of any specific batch along with their transaction date and timing.

File Name: Search and track any document anywhere in the supply chain by using its file name.

These are only a few options offered by our robust EDI Tracking and Search feature. But, the total number of these options gets enhanced after the actual integration.

Simplified searching method

Our well-designed EDI integration makes the searching process simple and easy. You will get only a single compact search result list as per your search criteria. Besides, you will be allowed to customize this search result list further on the basis of a document ID, transaction date, recipient, sender, etc.

One more option is available to ease your EDI Tracking and Search process. You can also build your own “Saved Search” list of the most regular searches, for example, processed or failed documents. It assists in saving your valuable time by defining the same search parameters again and again.

Supports search results grouping

By using our EDI integration solution, you can easily create any number of groups for your search results. For instance, you can form a group of all the documents related to purchase orders. Further, you are allowed to name this group for easy identification in the future.

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