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How Map My EDI is Different?

Map My EDI has an edge over other EDI service providers in the market on account of its seamless integration and deep scalable properties. There are many exceptional features that distinguishes us from others.
Its integrated platform ensures smooth connection with any systems
It helps a business to attain data either in real-time or in batches
It centralizes data so that your partner can access it from anywhere
Its integrated platform ensures smooth connection with any systems
Faster on-boarding of new stakeholders enabling the faster communication
It makes a system efficient and faster and enrich data, whenever, required
It validate data and enrich it, whenever, required
Eliminates the overhead costs considerably

Common Features of Map My EDI

EDI Tracking & Search

Designed with advanced tracking and search features MME is capable to trail and pin down a business transaction across the supply chain.

B2B Trading Partner Management

MME takes care of each and every business transaction with its trading partner through its most contemporary and accomplished.

EDI Agreements

MME abide with and follows the compliance mandatory under EDI agreement for the transfer or exchange of data.

EDI Mapping

Following the most of the ASCII approved data designs, the MME’s EDI mapping tool is compatible with most of the data formats and standards.

EDI Error Handling

An advanced automated error handling mechanism to detect and respond to a bug before becoming a bottle neck.

EDI Transaction Codes

An absolute compliance to all the EDI Transaction Codes followed during the business transaction prescribed under ANSI X12 standards.

Brands & Integrations

About Map My EDI

Map My EDI is an integration leader in an era of digital transformation where it offers suite of enterprise technology to business and organizations. Having some of the leading brands in its kitty, the MME offers state-of-the-art Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to business for a strategic data management. The real-time data integration and mapping services by us are compatible with most of standard codes and have helped several businesses to become efficient by lowering cost and improving speed.

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