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What is EDI 812

What is EDI 812?

EDI 812 is a Credit/Debit adjustment document, used to communicate all the details of your credits and debits for products. You can think of it as a paper credit or debit memo. The document may refer to any invoice or purchase order. The document mainly includes basic details like product name and quantity.

An 812 can be used to inform your customers about the amount being charged. The document can be attached to the previously transmitted invoice (810) or previously received purchase order (850). In some cases, a vendor or buyer may also use 812 to request an adjustment from a supplier. A few common reasons for an adjustment include: 

  • Items are defective or damaged
  • Products are damaged or the quality differs
  • Returned items
  • Invoice has errors with respect to the pricing of the items
  • Ordered placed was not received or acknowledged

EDI 812 helps the companies to streamline their supply chain by automating all the business transactions. The process eliminates the need for manual or paper based transactions that are sent through email or fax. EDI also reduces the overall cost by reducing the dependency on the human workforce. Furthermore, it also reduces human errors and guarantees high accuracy. A standard EDI document will have all the following information:

  • Transaction number or Purchase Order number
  • Adjustment amount
  • Items that need to be adjusted or replaced
  • The reason for the adjustment

812 EDI transaction

812 EDI Credit/Debit adjustment transaction set is similar to a paper credit but in an electronic format. It is simply used to notify a few details to the customer regarding their credit or debit amount. 812 EDI can also be used by the customer to notify the seller when the products shipped are either damaged or sent wrongly. 

The documents exchanged between two trading partners are called EDI transactions, or EDI messages. All these messages or transactions adhere to the EDI standards such as X12 EDI in the US and EDIFACT internationally. You will find more than 30 EDI 812 document, of which a few are listed below: 

  • X12 EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • X12 EDI 210 Motor Carrier Load Freight Details & Invoice
  • X12 EDI 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
  • X12 EDI 270 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Inquiry
  • X12 EDI 271 Eligibility, Coverage or Benefit Information
  • X12 EDI 753 Routing Instructions Request
  • X12 EDI 754 Routing Instructions
  • X12 EDI 810 Invoice
  • X12 EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment
  • X12 EDI 820 Payment Order
  • X12 EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog
  • X12 EDI 834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
  • X12 EDI 835 Healthcare Claim Payment/Advice
  • X12 EDI 837 Healthcare Claim
  • X12 EDI 846 Inventory Advice
  • X12 EDI 850 Purchase Order
  • X12 EDI 852 Product Activity Report
  • X12 EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • X12 EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
  • X12 EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request
  • X12 EDI 865 Purchase Order Acknowledgement/Request
  • X12 EDI 867 Product Transfer & Resale Report
  • X12 EDI 870 Order Status Report
  • X12 EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order
  • X12 EDI 990 Load Tender Response
  •  EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement
  • X12 EDI 999 Implementation Acknowledgement

812 EDI format 


GS*CD*1234567890 *999999999 *20120126*1211*1*T*004010


BCD*20120227*Credit/Debit Adjustmen*A*1800515*C*20120227*Invoice Number*Vendor Order Number*20120227*Purchase Order Number*00*01*01*Reference Identification*1


N9*01*Reference Identification*Free-form Description*20120227*1243*01*01Reference Identification1Reference Identification1Reference Identification

PER*1A*Name*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*Contact Inquiry Refe


DTM*001*20120227*1243*01*CC*Date Time Period


SHD*17*1013*01*199*01*4*01*17233239*Pri*6*STAN*AA*01*Reference Identification

SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*1616129*1*25912*77*01*2167163517371*27*01*Reference Identification*Option Number*Description*LAN

N1*01*Name*1*Identification Code*01*01


N3*Address Information*Address Information

N4*City Name*ST*POSTAL CODE*COU*A*Location Identifier

N9*01*Reference Identification*Free-form Description*20120227*12430500*01*01Reference Identification1Reference Identification1Reference Identification

PER*1A*Name*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*Contact Inquiry Refe








LM*10*Source Subquali

LQ*0*Industry Code


FA2*01*Financial Information Code

CDD*01*C*Assigned Identificat*1979324906*N*Pri*294*01*22849145302749*ACT*197133256*ACT*236491739524783

LIN*Assigned Identificat*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID

PO4*32*3134531*01*AMM01*A*32*01*255*01*224*4*189812*01*12542*1S*Assigned Identificat*Assigned Identificat*15285261

SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*31786*1*761*7*01*1511970252*1109170431*01*Reference Identification*Option Number*Description*LAN

N9*01*Reference Identification*Free-form Description*20120227*1243*01*01Reference Identification1Reference Identification1Reference Identification

DTM*001*20120227*1243*01*CC*Date Time Period

LM*10*Source Subquali

LQ*0*Industry Code

N11*Store Numb*Location Identifier*Reference Identification



N1*01*Name*1*Identification Code*01*01






EDI 812 Standards: 

Besides standard EDI formats like X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, and ebXML there are a wide number of EDI business formats that can be implemented across any business domain to facilitate business communication. The standards used include: 

  • EANCOM – used to integrate electronic information with the supply chain
  • EDIG@S – refers to the exchange of information between partners in the gas sector
  • HIPAA – refers to the electronic exchange of healthcare data
  • HL7 – used to transfer clinical data between software applications used by doctors and medical officials 
  • IATA Cargo-IMP – refers to the information exchanged between airlines and other parties
  • IATA Cargo-XML – refers to the information exchanged between airlines and other air cargo
  • IATA PADIS – refers to passenger travel and airport-related/ passenger service activities
  • NCPDP SCRIPT – describes the data exchanged between retail pharmacies and the prescribers
  • RosettaNet – used to exchange information between two or more retailers involved in consumer electronics, semiconductor, telecommunications, and logistics industries
  • SAPIDoc – refers to the information exchanged between SAP and non-SAP systems
  • SEF – contains implementation guideline of an EDI document

Benefits of using the EDI 812 credit debit adjustment

EDI 812 documents help both the seller and buyer by automating the transaction process. A few common advantages of EDI 812 for the supply chain vendor include: 

  • Sending or receiving credits/debits is quick and fast
  • Paper based transaction is reduced, thus increasing work efficiency
  • Human errors are reduced 
  • A backup for deductions or credits is created
  • Easy reconciliation of all documents against a remittance advice

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