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Integrated E-commerce Software For Multi-channel Retailers

EDI Integrations Simplifying the Maze of Multichannel Selling

The rising stature of eCommerce has created multiple avenues for a seller to sell its products and has increased the influence of eCommerce retail. The business pressure faced by retailers on account of changing consumer behavior is prompting them to migrate towards web and cloud based order management systems.

MME EDI solutions make it easier for a retailer to handle control, and manage orders. It provide a seller means to manage multichannel sales in a fast paced and efficient manner.

What EDI offers for a Multichannel Order Management!

An EDI solution structures entire data in simple but in a highly effective and efficient manner. It take cares of all document sets including purchase orders, invoices and shipping notifications. Our EDI solution maintains sync of orders across between different sales channel.

Benefits offered by EDI Multichannel Integrations

Integrating EDI to Omnichannel orders management helps an organization to grow, exponentially. Its benefits a business by managing in-depth inventory for multiple orders in following manner.

Benefits offered by Map My EDI for Multichannel Business Management

  • Better Predictive Analysis: The integration of EDI in a multi channel environment eases a business to have direct access to order related and other data. The data better managed and easily accessible through Order Management System (OMS) make it easier for a business manager to have better analysis and forecasting. This aids a retailer to devise better product offers and services.
  • Increased Margins: Multichannel EDI employed by a business automating business processes saves ample money otherwise incurred over labor cost. At the same time eliminating data error saves a business from making costly mistakes damaging the reputation of company.
  • Improved Cash Flow: The importance of EDI scalibility has become more imminent with payments option shifting toward phone scanning and smartphone from debit card and cash. The EDI integration available, electronically, everywhere across vendors and customers has speed up cashflow.
  • Efficient Supply Chain Management: EDI management based upon one-stop vendor relationship provide an easy access across sales channels, orders and inventory. With the help of EDI it becomes easier for a business to identify and correct an error in its supply chain thus ensures smooth functioning of a business.
  • An Automated Business Process: Under a cloud based EDI environment in absence of paperwork for trading partners operational cost becomes minimal. In an EDI compliant environment it becomes easier for a business to add or delete different data fields like suppliers, shipping notices and other information.

Thus Map My EDI help a business to grow multiple times optimizing business efficiency and customer experience in Multichannel inventory.

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