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A seamlessly integrating EDI solution offered by MME enables a business to reap the maximum benefit from Overstock a leading marketplace for home merchandise and furniture. The EDI integration services offered by us are simple to secure and affordable to make your business on Overstock much compatible with respect to sharing business documents. However, our EDI services are merely just not limited only to overstock and are offered for other business partners as well.

Overstock EDI Mapping

MME Overstock EDI Mapping has consisted of necessary steps ensuring the smooth flow of information among different business partners. We have an experienced team of EDI mappers that carry out EDI integration on your company’s behalf. Some unique characteristics of our EDI services include:-

  • Mapping and translation services ensuring high level of accuracy and quality.
  • Offers any-to-any mapping and support services for ANSI and EDIFACT standards.
  • On-shore / near-shore map development and maintenance service.
  • Mapping Requirements Specification (MRS) development.
  • Executing a gap analysis between the application and EDI layout.
  • Creating EDI specifications and development implementation guidelines for a company.
  • Map integration testing for assessing smooth working of the EDI system for Overstock
  • Onsite and remote mapping support.

Common Documents Aligning to Overstock EDI

  • (EDI 846) Inventory/ Inquiry Advice
  • (EDI 850) Purchase Order
  • (EDI 855) Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • (EDI 856) Advance Shipment Notice
  • (EDI 860) Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated

Benefits offered by MME integration for Overstock EDI

MME as an EDI service provider present following benefits to a supplier in order to streamline his business processes with Overstock

  • A cloud based automated service Map My EDI saves money otherwise wasted over paper, printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval.
  • Eliminating human intervention saves ample time otherwise wasted over writing illegible faxes and chasing lost orders or incorrectly taken phone orders.
  • With faster business transaction business efficiency improves to an extent of 60%.
  • The automated EDI process reduces human errors to an extent of 30-40%
  • Make real time visibility of data possible further leading to faster decision making and improved responsiveness.
  • Let a business to enter in new territories and markets. MME EDI offers a uniform business language that facilitating business activities anywhere in the world.
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