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Wayfair EDI compliance

Map My EDI integration solution is exclusively designed to meet all the prerequisites and requirements of Wayfair EDI compliance. Our on premise as well as cloud based solution allows a supplier to send his documents quickly, easily and effectively. Our EDI complaint solution fully ensure that each of the EDI transaction is EDI regulated under the norms prescribed Wayfair.

Aligning to Wayfair Message Requirements
  • 810 Invoice: MME generates invoice to Wayfair for items dispatched to Wayfair.
  • 850 Purchase Order: MME translates Wayfair purchase orders as individual sale orders in MME
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgemnt:
  • 856 Advanced shipping notice (ASN): MME translates ASNs int  EDI format and sends to Wayfair to expect delivery of order.
  • 869 Order Status Inquiry: MME keeps Wayfair informed about information about a complete purchase order.
  • 370 Order Status Report: A response to the 869 order inquiry sent by the Wayfair.
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgements: MME confirrn to Wayfair of receiving purchase order and Wayfair confirmation of ASN sent by MME.
  • Flat file document: MME syncs stock counts with Wayfair for an inventory update.

Wayfair EDI Mapping

We have an expert team of EDI mapping experts that can easily set up new mapping and track the messages in real time for a client. The salient features of our EDI Mapping include:-

  • Custom integration to any system
  • Liaising with Wayfair for technical co-ordination on the behalf of a client.
  • We will liaise directly with Wayfair to confirm technical requirements.
  • We provision the implementation and undergo a thorough testing process with Wayfair to ensure a robust service.
Benefits offered by MME EDI with Wayfair

MME is a self sustained EDI integration without any requirement for a third party software. The direct benefits of MME and Wayfair EDI integration include:-

  • A uniform system to trade with various EDI retailers
  • Automated process minimizing requirement for data entry & third party third-party EDI web forms.
  • Maximum flexibility for streaming and automation of processes
  • A reliable integration without a third-party integration
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