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What is EDI 862 Shipping Schedule?

EDI 862 Shipping Schedule

EDI 862 Shipping Schedule

There are millions of shipments happening in the world every day. Each of the shipments has their own set of data records to be maintained. These records may be invoices, shipping orders, payment slips, etc.

It is important as well as a difficult task to maintain these data properly. Some companies can manage to handle them with the help of the extra workers, but most of the companies opt for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDI is a systematic interchange of all kinds of data and information online without any paper and less human interference. 

Even in the world of shipping, EDI is helpful in ensuring smooth data transfer. This is mainly because it has got a lot of transaction codes for different work purposes. Out of which, EDI 862 is a useful transaction code. 

What is EDI 862 Shipping Schedule Transaction?

EDI 862 shipping schedule is a transaction set that has certain shipping instructions. These instructions are important as they support Just In Time manufacturing (JIT) because the 862 EDI transaction codes provide a detailed report regarding shipping requirements more frequently than the EDI 830 Planning Schedule

EDI 862 Document provides a notification to the supplier so that he can replenish that item or product immediately. The 862 EDI transaction can be used to provide the changes to the previous usage of 862 instructions. These changes may include:

The vendor can send many EDI 862 requirements on the same day. This can be for the same order or simply the revision of the order.

What is EDI 862 Shipping Schedule Specification?

These EDI transaction codes come under the X12 Transaction Set. It contains all the formats and also establishes the content of data for the EDI 862 shipping schedule within the context of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). EDI 862 makes sure that inventory is available when the supplier gets the instruction from the customer for shipping any item and to provide the most updated information on shipping. This document is organized into data elements and segments. These elements can include:

After receiving the EDI 862 Shipping Schedule, the shipper will send EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement back to indicate that EDI 862 Shipping Schedule was received successfully.    

What is EDI 862 Shipping Schedule Format?



N1*SI*Conveyor Systems de Mexico SA de CV*92*1136

N1*SU*ABC Wire Company*92*935

N1*SF*ABC Wire Company*92*935

N1*ST*Conveyor Systems de Mexico SA de CV*92*1136



PER*EX*Abel Navarro*TE*528111561300





Overall,  EDI 862 plays a key role in helping the shipper or the company to schedule the shipment correctly and effectively. It is also helpful for customers as they can change the shipment requirements anytime. It can even notify the company about zero inventory so that the companies can restock the items. There are a lot of EDI service providers available, but Map My EDI can provide you with the best EDI features for a reasonable rate. For more information, visit our EDI Consulting Company.

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