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Have You Switched to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Yet?

Overstock com EDI empowers a supplier of Overstock, a leading retail furniture chain based in United States to have faster and efficient business transactions for a number of business operations. Overstock EDI compliance lets a seller to have better negotiated business terms with the eCommerce giant for an efficient and faster business flow for important and useful business transactions like Purchase order (PO), ASN (Advance Ship Notice),  Dispatch Invoice and other important business transactions.

What Business Transactions does Overstok EDI Covers?

Overstock com EDI is considered as a most successful and accomplished method of doing business with trading partners as evolved by the Overtstock. However, the importance of Overstock EDI is just not limited only to transactions of orders and invoices instead caters too and supports hundred types of electronic documents. The most common business documents supported by Overstock EDI are:-

Other common EDI documents supported by Overstock EDI include return merchandise authorization, credit /debit adjustment, request for quotation and price information. The list of documents supported by overstock though runs into several hundred includes waste disposal information and registration of a worker.

Overstock EDI Mapping and Document Types

Overstock EDI mapping allows furniture retail marketplaces to have a consistent and robust business data transaction with aligned business and trading partners. The overstock EDI compliance offers the following process-related benefits to a trader on Overstock. Some important features of EDI mapping with respect to process efficiency include.

Common Documents Aligning to Overstock EDI

Over Stock EDI VAN Charges are Quite Competitive

Overstock EDI presents trading partners with cost-effective digital delivery networks that are quite competitive and effective in comparison to VAN for offering EDI document exchange. With digital delivery networks in absence of VAN, an Overstock EDI becomes more secure and automated. At times, VAN service providers hide actual business costs as charged from the client while offering service as a monthly and annual subscription.

EDI Solutions Offer Simplified Business Transactions

Overstock EDI requires all the business partners in the supply chain to have handling of documents, electronically. Any partner within the supply chain doing transactions, manually, slows the entire supply chain. With an all the document sharing happen instantly and 24/ 7. In order to make exchange of information smooth and faster, overstock EDI offers fully facilitated trader partner onboarding and adoption program including partner registration page, outreach communication guide and user training.

Overstock EDI is Absolutely not an API Integration

A trader while implementing Overstock EDI should not confuse it with a middle ware API. It is absolutely different from plug-and-play EDI. In order to work with middle ware API driven integration, an organization requires in-house resources with the right level of skills in order to configure and install it. Whereas, Overstock EDI Compliance is an agile self-driven automated system where business information is shared between systems once installed and configured. It saves an enterprise from faster business deployment and requires investments.

Overstock EDI Solutions are not costly

Depending upon the charges when integrated by an experienced EDI service provider company, the cost of Overstock Com EDI happens to be comparatively far cheaper in comparison to other modes of data transaction. EDI is always far cost-effective in setting integration in place of application development. A trading partner along with looking for affordability should also offer process-related benefits offered by Overstock EDI as follows:-

Overstock EDI

No Software is Required to Run Overt Stock EDI Compliant System

An Overstock com EDI solution in mos of the cases is cloud based and don’t require any additional computer system, IT infrastructure to run it.  As EDI software costs too high but when offered as software-as-a-service (SAAS) it offer unmatched user flexibility and agility to overstock trading partner. A EDI solution provider along with EDI system also provide initial implementation and maintenance.


Thus, it is clear that Overstock Com EDI allows its trading partner to have a faster and robust business transactions with the market place, while, offered through ANSI and EDIFACT based data standards. Not only Overstock EDI makes the data transfer between systems simpler and easier at the same time it make entire process automated as well.

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