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Amazon EDI

Amazon EDI

An Overview of Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon EDI - Amazon Vendor Central is one of the two seller places available on the Amazon MarketPlace. Seller Central is a place primarily for retailer that owns a product unless it reaches into the hand of a customer. The consumer purchase products from Amazon Marketplace. A seller can use any of the fulfillment options available to him from FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) and FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).

Contrary to Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central is place for the high volume and well-recognized brands. At vendor central Amazon is solely responsible for selling directly to the consumers and fulfilling orders. At the vendor central Amazon processes order in following manner:-

  • Amazon sends a supplier a purchase order for his products
  • Supplier sends products to Amazon against purchase order
  • Amazon pays supplier for his order

Order Flow on Amazon Vendor Central Without EDI Integration

The order flow on Amazon Vendor Central is managed by Amazon and arduously takes many days to be processed if not integrated with an EDI. According to the existing demand, Amazon issues purchase orders to suppliers time-to-time. Then Amazon keeps on informing a supplier about a purchase order through e-mail. A supplier is supposed to log into Vendor Central and confirm the purchase orders. Failing to deliver on the prescribed date a supplier it required to back order the item.

Need for Amazon com EDI for Vendor Central

As evident order flow on Amazon Vendor Central in absence of EDI involves a huge amount of manual and typing task. The transfer of data from a supplier’s system into Amazon Vendor Central manually leads to data entry errors and inaccuracy. Amazon does also charge from the suppliers for these errors too. Amazon com EDI thus paces the speed of order flow and at the same automate entire process thus increasing business efficiency and costing.

Steps to Map Amazon EDI in a Business Setup

It is very imperative for a growing business on Amazon Vendor central to become EDI integrated. Without an EDI, a brand can lose valuable time and money due to manual data entry and errors resulting from it. The steps to include the Amazon EDI Document into your business involve:-

  • Purchasing and installing an on premise EDI translator.
  • Use a large VAN (value added network) provider.
  • Employing a simple cloud based EDI software that can be easily integrated with accounting software like Quickbooks for seamless sending and receiving of EDI messages.

To know more about MME Amazon EDI Services get in touch with us.

Amazon EDI Compliance

In order to have Amazon Vendor Central EDI Compliance primarily following codes and standards are followed:-

  • EDI 850 : For New Purchase Orders
  • EDI 855 : For Purchase Order Acknowledgment.
  • EDI 727 : For Routing Request from Supplier
  • EDI 737 : For Routing Confirmation from Amazon
  • EDI 856 : For Purchase Order Confirmation by Supplier
  • EDI 810 : For Supplier Sending Invoices.

Amazon Vendor Central EDI Benefits

There are numerous benefits to a business integrating EDI with Amazon Vendor Central. The major one include:-

  • Simplify the order process in absence of manual entry.
  • Ensure timely messaging of Purchase Order Acknowledgments (POAs).
  • Automation of sending invoices and order acknowledgment messages.
  • Integration of Amazon Vendor stock decisions with the rest of supplier business.
  • With entire process being automated, EDI let your staff to focus their attention more towards higher-value task improving overall productivity.
  • At the strategic level Walmart EDI offers a real-time visibility of entire data including transaction statuses.
  • EDI helps a business to focus as well in other areas and markets by enhancing processing efficiency.

Therefore, integrating Amazon Vendor Central with an EDI improves efficiency as well as saves overhead costs of running a business.

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