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Easy EDI Compliance with Walmart

What is Walmart EDI?

To maximize the business avenues available with the world’s leading and the largest retail chain, the Walmart EDI offers a supplier an opportunity to become Walmart compliant. Walmart operating a configuration to run its business naturally expect its supplier to have Walmart EDI System backed with Walmart EDI support. It enables a supplier to have a smooth functioning of the business operations and activities.

In order to fit into the structure of Walmart EDI requirement a supplier is required to go through a series of tests to convince Walmart. The results of the test determine that supplier has all the necessary software and compliance to ensure a smooth EDI exchange.

Walmart EDI Compliance

The simplest way to use Walmart EDI is to become operational with its web-based system for the exchange of transactions. Walmart Web EDI is a successful means to conduct business with the retail giant. But the benefits of Walmart EDI doesn’t apply while working with other customers. Using MME EDI software whether on-premise or hosted, offers, freedom with many large customers and at the same time remain complaint with Walmart EDI.

The expansion of Walmart EDI including Walmart dropship EDI allows a supplier to fully integrate the EDI with his back-end ERP system. The complete integration with Walmart EDI orders received by a supplier get processed, translated and automatically get routed in his ERP system as sales orders and vice versa.

Walmart EDI Implementation Guide for Codes

The compliance of Walmart EDI, primarily, is determined by standard and codes followed by it. The primary codes that majorly follows Walmart EDI are:-

  • (Walmart EDI 810) Invoice
  • (Walmart EDI 812) Credit/Debit Adjustment
  • (Walmart EDI 816) Organizational Relationships
  • (Walmart EDI 820) Payment Order/ Remittance Advice
  • (Walmart EDI 824) Application Advice
  • (Walmart EDI 830) Planning Schedule with Release Capability
  • (Walmart Walmart EDI 846) Inventory Inquiry/ Advice
  • (Walmart EDI 850) Purchase Order
  • (Walmart EDI 855) Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • (Walmart EDI 856) Advance Shipment Notice
  • (Walamrt EDI 864) Text Message
  • (Walmart EDI 940) Warehouse Shipping Order

Benefits of Walmart EDI integration

MME as an EDI service provider offers following benefits to a supplier to streamline his business processes.

  • Walmart EDI reduces chances of error for doing tasks manually by 40%.
  • Using an EDI accelerates business cycle up to 60%.
  • The lesser time spent upon transaction cycles thus improves cash flow.
  • With entire process being automated, EDI let your staff to focus their attention more towards higher-value task improving overall productivity.
  • At the strategic level Walmart EDI offers a real-time visibility of entire data including transaction statuses.
  • EDI helps a business to focus as well in other areas and markets by enhancing processing efficiency.

The EDI benefits offered by MME for Walmart EDI improves business efficiency to an extent of 60% and streamlines the processes for maximum capacity utilization.

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