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EDI services

EDI services for system and applications integration for better data transparency and improved business efficiency

We offers application based EDI services for three different set of integration activities:-

  • System Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Legacy System Upgrade

System Integration

The best EDI solution to offer the optimum level of interoperability to seamless working of system within as well as outside the organization. The system integration eliminates human intervention to a greater extent and reduces data silos thus improving the efficiency of data flow and processes.

Our EDI tool is potent and powerful enough to integrate the multiple systems and applications in use for decades developed on different architectures while using different data standards and formats.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Actively used within an organization Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a highly customized solution that focuse upon tasks as transaction completion, message routing between applications and data transformation. Our EDI integration is par with traditional solutions and is capable to work with different interfaces, protocols and data standards.

MME-EDI solution seamlessly connect with any number of applications whether they are on-premise or in cloud. Further they can work along as many as interfaces and protocols.

Legacy System Upgrade

A holistic approach towards modernizing the legacy systems that are often inflexible, fragile, obsolete and poorly documented. We have an expertise to replace such outdated systems as they incur high cost while running them. With our EDI integration you not only able to modernize them as well as attach a digital touch them to them. Our EDI integration for advancement doesn’t interrupt normal course of your business. You get connected to any systems and applications for sharing data in real-time without comprising security of the data.

What we as an EDI integrator can accomplish for you!


Our expert EDI integration engineers develop an integration eco system for you using MME iPaaS


After the EDI solution tested and approved it is integrated into a business process for data sharing


For day today trouble shooting during operational running of business we offer professional services by our support teams.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing regime is absolutely free from any hidden fee. What we charge form is one-time implementation fee, monthly subscription and tech support.

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