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EDI Integration Solutions for a Retail

Our EDI iPaaS aids a retail brand to optimize its processes and streamline operations to improve their customer experience

Offering EDI integration as iPaaS to improve Customer Experience

MME EDI integration solution improves a retail brand’s connectivity across 3PLS, shopping carts, fulfillment centers and payment houses. We cater to all, whether, it is an enterprise application integration (EAI) or B2B integration our iPaaS answer to all. We integrate all irrespective of many numbers of legacy and cloud-based endpoint are required to be connected.

Now you will be able to share data regardless of its format and easily unify entire date in a single platform. Moreover, it offers better visibility across entire data resulting into improved efficiency and better customer experience.

What we as an EDI integrator can accomplish for your retail business!


Our expert EDI integration engineers develop an integration eco system for you using MME iPaaS


After the EDI solution tested and approved it is integrated into a business process for data sharing


For day today trouble shooting during operational running of business we offer professional services by our support teams.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing regime is absolutely free from any hidden fee. What we charge form is one-time implementation fee, monthly subscription and tech support.

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