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EDI Pricing

Though data exchange considered an expensive affair, however, it depends upon the type of solution you choose for your organization. MME offers the EDI solutions for the organizations of all sizes modifying one’s need and requirement.

Most flexible Prices

You will know what we are charging for even before contacting us. We offer the most transparent prices on the shelf.

No hidden fees or charges

Pay absolutely what you have been agreed upon. Even with increasing data volumes, the unit price too will start decreasing.

Most competitive pricing in the market

Save the cost for data integration to an extent of 70% of entire cost.

Services That We Charge For

Configuring and Mapping Services

A one-time upfront fee is charged for developing and setting the EDI integration services.

Service Subscription

The fee charged on the data volumes. As much is the data volume of integration the more per unit cost will be decreased.

Support Services

In order to keep your EDI solution smoothly running, we, charge minimal fee for offering support according to your organization’s requirement.