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EDI Integration Quickbooks

In today’s world of business, integration is a key catalyst for growth. QuickBooks Enterprise EDI integration from Mapmyedi bridge a gap between multiple business operations. Our bespoke EDI solutions enable end-to-end integration between your trading partners. Enterprise EDI solutions from Mapmyedi are compatible with many QuickBooks business applications.

If you are a growing business with up to 30 simultaneous users, we welcome you to leverage our enterprise solutions. By doing so, you will experience a seamless communication with your clients and eventually the successful running of your business.

QuickBooks Enterprise uses a high-end SQL database to support your business and its growth. The database uses client-server technology in multi-user mode to manage your company documents. Take a quick look at a few features that are involved in QuickBooks Enterprise solutions.

Bills of Materials (BOM):

Here in this section, you will be able to create Bills of Materials (BOMs). A BOM is a detailed inventory of raw materials, parts, and components that are useful in manufacturing a complete product. It helps you in keeping track of your inventory items. The cost associated with all these items is also specified here. This includes both material and non-material costs such as labor or overhead costs. Once you create a finished product, EDI Enterprise solution automatically cuts off the number of components used. This ensures timely re-ordering of the component when they run out of stock.

Fixed Asset Tracking

Fully integrated into QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions this system allows you to streamline your fixed assets, such as equipment, trucks, cash registers, and computers. It also helps you to calculate depreciation and record asset purchases and sales. Printing of the reports option is also available. Plus, you also have the facility to calculate depreciation for up to six asset bases, that includes federal, state, book, and AMT.

General Ledger

This includes a complete audit trail of your company. The system gives you the option of

  • Producing reports
  • Processing sales
  • Tracking of purchases/ inventory
  • Processing of both payables & receivables

Accurate auditing cuts off the amount of time required to investigate changes to your enterprise files. When all your audit files are automated and integrated, there is no chance of any kind of fraud by your employees.

Inventory Tracking:

This system gives you all the information needed to track your products from purchase to sale. The inventory stock status gives a clear picture of which products need reordering. Inventory tracking allows you to track all the below attributes of each item

  • Quantities on-hand
  • Quantities on sales order
  • Quantities on purchase order


One of the most difficult tasks in any business is to keep track of all purchases, especially when you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of vendors. EDI offers a complete automation facility for tracking every purchase until an item is received and your vendor is paid. With EDI, you also have options for setting up payment date reminders and turn each billing entry into a check with a single click.

Payroll and Employee Management

Imagine having all your employee details on one single screen in a structured format. Isn't that amazing! The Employee Center feature will give you all the information related to a particular employee including name, contact, payroll status and other personal details.


This system tracks all your customer’s information with just one click. This includes transaction history like estimates, invoices, received payments, and more. You always have a sorting option based on different parameters like active customers, open balance or invoice, or received payments.


QuickBooks Enterprise EDI integration from Mapmyedi gives you all the data related to your business on the screen. With over 120 standard reports, you will be able to learn about your best selling products. The system also gives you the option of downloading these reports in Excel format. Some of the standard reports available in the system include:

  • Profit and Loss
  • Forecast vs. Actual Budget
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • A/R Aging Detail

Sales Order Tracking

With this system, you can easily convert your estimates into invoices and generate automatic purchase orders. Plus, you can set up multiple email addresses for each customer. You can also duplicate or edit any past estimate with EDI enterprise solution. A custom pricing feature is also offered, giving you more flexibility to process the invoices. This prompts the system to apply the proper discount to estimates/invoices. You can also see previous items on purchase orders, invoices and other sales forms with just a single click.

Time and Billing

QuickBooks Enterprise EDI uses a Time Tracker that records the time of employee working hours. The system allows your employees to enter their login time even from a remote location from any system even without any internet connection.

Key elements of QuickBooks Enterprise EDI integration
EDI Orders and QuickBooks:
  • Customer orders are entered as sales orders in EDI
  • Your Inventory is also updated accordingly when items are shipped
  • Invoices are generated automatically
EDI Orders Processing:
  • Send invoices through EDI
  • Allows you to receive orders through email
  • You can also log on to the customer portal for accessing customer’s details
Customer Orders and Sales Orders:
  • This reduces the risk of manual errors caused during data entry
  • Mapmyedi allows you to automatically input buy orders into QuickBooks as Sales orders
Shipping of Customer Orders:
  • EDI also handes partial shipments
  • When you ship the orders through QuickBooks Enterprise solutions, it automatically generates invoices
EDI Invoices and QuickBooks Invoices:
  • EDI uses 810 formats to create the invoices in QuickBooks Enterprise system
  • The invoice sent through EDI automatically gets posted into QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Mapmyedi EDI system uses UCC-128 Shipping Labels. This allows both printing and invoicing options as per customer requirements

Mapmyedi provides seamless EDI Integration into QuickBooks Enterprise. You don't have to buy any expensive EDI software that is available in the market.

FAQ About QuickBooks Enterprise EDI

Q. What is QuickBooks Enterprise?

If you wish to have an integrated business solution for all your operations, then QuickBooks Enterprise is the best. You can use this solution for any small to midsize companies. It helps you make key business decisions based on structured data reports.

Q. What is QuickBooks Online Advanced?

QuickBooks Online Advanced is a more powerful accounting solution with some advanced features. The features include enhanced custom fields and batch invoice creation.

Q. Is QuickBooks Enterprise right for my business?

QuickBooks Enterprise is an alternate option for traditional accounting & business management solutions. This traditional software is highly expensive. Plus, QuickBooks Enterprise offers more features than QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier. It also includes 14 pre-defined user roles for managing your business operations efficiently.

Q. How many users can I add to QuickBooks Enterprise?

At present, QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to add up to 30 user licenses. It also ensures 200 percent faster performance. Also, you don't need any extra software to add these users.

Q. How does QuickBooks Online training work?

QuickBooks training includes online classes that give clear lessons on how to use the software.

Q. How can I get more information about QuickBooks Enterprise?

You can call up any QuickBooks Enterprise sales representatives and seek the information. There are many online videos available for learning more about this accounting software.

Q. What is QuickBooks Priority Circle?

As a QuickBooks Priority Circle member, you will have premium customer care and online training. A personalized account and Customer Success Manager is also assigned to you.

Q. Does QuickBooks Enterprise come with a satisfaction guarantee?

Mapmyedi offers QuickBooks Enterprise solution with a money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with this service, you can also claim the refund of your money within 60days.

Q. How does smart reporting powered by Fathom work? And how will it help my business?

Smart reporting is a high-end management reporting and financial analysis tool. It picks data from your QuickBooks account and converts into a simple human readable format. It gives you a clear picture of your cash flow, profits and other key performance indicators (KPIs).

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