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what is mobile edi

What is Mobile EDI and What Are its Advantages?

Nowadays most people use mobiles more than computers because it’s handy, equal processing power and speed. Many of the software is getting into AppStore and Playstore so that users can use that software in the mobiles too, as EDI mobile systems. Even though the limitation of size and quality of screen and battery has been poor, yet, devices like tablets and iPads are more preferred in EDI mobile systems.

What is EDI?

EDI is a system to system exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between two business links or companies, which is completely paperless. All the B2B transactions that occur on a regular basis are completed with the help of electronic data interchange.

What is mobile EDI?

Mobile EDI system is one of the types of EDI which access the EDI data from mobile applications from any EDI system. This is reliable and flexible to get any permissible data even if the user is away from the workplace.

Why EDI mobile systems?

Some scenarios which prove the efficiency and reliability of the EDI mobile system are

The usage of mobiles or tablets in the warehouse of any company can help the person in charge to update the data of any shipments in one go. He can update whenever and wherever he finds any faulty items without returning back to his desk.

Delivery men can update, scan, report all kinds of deliveries when delivered. He can even create an invoice by scanning the bar-code for the customers. The data transmitted via EDI and customer notifies both parties about the delivery.

Buying companies can receive the incomplete payment’s notification on their tablets and phones where the details of the credit, debit cards are available making buyer pay the remaining amount.

If there is any salesperson like a sales manager or executive whose work is more likely dependent on travel, He can get the latest transaction status of any product that is delivered to customers in their smartphones or tablets.

All the employees can get the company related emails or text messages on their mobile. It will help them to be more productive and achieve customer satisfaction.

Advantages of mobile EDI


Accessibility becomes very easy in mobile EDI systems as any kind of data can be accessed within seconds.  Most of the user interface in mobiles is fluent and clean, so EDI mobile system can save the time.


Manual data entry, administrative works, mails, and fax can be completely eliminated in EDI as it is online. Mobile has the integration of keyboard, mouse, camera, etc. and both these aspects result in the saving of money.

Fast response:

As all the data is compiled in one software itself, the response to any query is faster via EDI. Plus, you can get the data within seconds. Most of the mobile phones these days are getting powerful processing speed, so the response time will be much faster.

Ease of use:

As the process is simple and semi-automated, the ease of completing any task results in more interested, reliable, efficient, and productive employees. It is also a good benefit for the company.

Whatsoever is the future of the EDI, as most people in recent days are well versed in the tech of smartphones and tablets, companies should have no problem in implementing mobile EDI which will result in effective and efficient trade for the company.

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