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Why Do We Need to Integrate EDI Cloud Computing?

These days EDI cloud computing is regarded as a vast and versatile technology. It can support many applications providing somewhat beneficial security for your crucial business data. This cheap costing computing is a boon as it is a daily driver for small scale industries. Not only in industries, but it is also popular in the mobile and medical world. Recently cloud computing is also getting prominent in the world of electronic data interchange (EDI) with the EDI Cloud.

The EDI Cloud provides an easy, efficient, and effective way of document transactions between businesses and companies. Here you don’t need any software as everything is integrated into one application. There is also a huge reduction in cost compared to traditional EDI.

Through this technology, you can access your documents anywhere across the world. Moreover, you can send POA, ASN, and EI to your clients from any system to any corner of the globe. On top of that, this can also be done through the iPad, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Hence there isn’t any need for the setup of the software, servers, etc.

What is the EDI cloud service?

Cloud based electronic data interchange (Cloud based EDI), which is also known as Web-Based EDI is a data transaction platform. It is used for sharing important data and documents between departments, business partners, etc., with the help of cloud computing.

Why are companies shifting towards the EDI Cloud?

Most companies around the world are dependent on the EDI and by far it is the best B2B transaction solution. It is an easy, simple, and standard way of communication between companies. Traditional on-site EDI refers to the data transaction with a format, which is stated by the standard organization, usually X12 or EDIFACT. But some tools of EDI are complex and usually feel restricted. It is the main reason why companies are shifting to cloud based EDI solutions.

Cloud EDI software is a combination of technology and business processes consisting of the Avant-garde design. It supports the majority of the current business models by automation and data capabilities. And all this is done without worrying about the encryption of software as well as hardware. Here in EDI cloud services, all the data is encrypted and stored in the cloud. Users can access it from wherever they want with suitable permissions.

What are the challenges faced by traditional EDI?

With outdated solutions of traditional EDI, companies are willing for a change. They aren’t able to conduct successful EDI transactions with new, modem businesses. Some challenges that are forcing companies to shift to the cloud based EDI software are


From industry to industry, types of standards are different and for which the EDI transaction sets should be scaled . The data structure has to be stored in one format which is difficult for traditional EDI


If your company is using EDI, then you know how costly it is. You will must a considerable amount of money to maintain the EDI infrastructure. When you own hardware and software for it, you also need to hire skilled staff for it to manage the entire process. Moreover, if something goes wrong then again extra time and money need to be invested to address the issue.


It is very complex to integrate B2B transactions with EDI as most of the companies either don’t use it or use different standards. The EDI tool can’t solve all the errors and manage the changes. Plus, if you are organizing each section to render different EDI formats then it can prove complexity.

Less automation:

EDI cloud services can integrate with any software of other businesses. It automates the process such as billing, order invoice, and options for payments. But, the traditional EDI is restricted and usually performed within limits where you need some manual actions to complete specific tasks.

Benefits of Cloud based EDI

  • Integration platform as a service (IPaaS) for cloud computing is suitable for any EDI B2B transactions and integrations and also for A2A (Application to Application).
  • Cloud based EDI software can be accessed from anywhere. All you need is a strong network in your phone or laptop, suitable permissions to access data. You are good to go no matter whether you are onsite or offsite.
  • With an advanced AI-based cloud computing system, your EDI can track the transactions and solutions to avoid any type of errors. These systems observe your interaction with the system and learn them to save your time in future.
  • EDI cloud service can support any kind of data standard and format. And these are already encrypted and available in the cloud, so doing business with companies having different standards and formats is easy.
  • Scaling and flexibility of the system is never a concern as the data, information, and different formats can be adjusted according to your aspects. And this platform is flexible for any kind of operating system be it Windows, IOS, Android, etc.

How EDI cloud solutions overcome challenges

As they say “modern problems need modern solutions”, modern companies also need modern EDI specifications to complete modern business activities like transactions. But, most of the companies are not well known in the EDI world. And that’s why they need to shift towards cloud computing. Cloud EDI providers are providing a complete solution for complex transactions. By saving your employees time and helping companies to be more productive, MapMyEDI offers a solid EDI cloud solution. It also keeps your company focused in the right direction with very few errors.

Cloud computing has been an important aspect in the world when it comes to secure digital data transactions. Its integration with EDI will be more beneficial for the companies as they will have to be less prone to errors and more productive when compared to traditional electronic data interchange.

There are plenty of EDI service providers, one among them is WebBee’s MapMyEDI. It is a complete EDI software integration solution that covers all the business aspects be it EDI tracking and search, B2B trading partner management, EDI agreements, and many more.

Thus, when you think of cloud EDI for your business, don’t forget to consider the MapMyEDI solution for cloud based EDI software. or Connect with us at 1-423-896-1025 or mail

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