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wayfair edi integration

Wayfair EDI integration Complete Guide

In the list of big online marketplaces the name of Wayfair is reckon for creating a niche for selling furniture items and goods. It has a huge market place approximately with 15 million items at its store supplied by 11,000 suppliers. The Wayfair EDI, therefore, ensures smooth and consistent performance of Wayfair EDI with the marketplace for the smooth inventory and order management.


There are many different solutions available in the market that makes it possible to carry out EDI integration with Wayfair.  According to a company’s requirement the EDI integration software can be on premise as well as cloud based. A Wayfair compliant EDI solution lets a supplier carry out successful and fast data exchange with the marketplace.

It is a multi step process for a supplier to get his system integrated with Wayfair EDI. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is an exchange of business related information between two computer systems without using the e-mail or Fax. An EDI provider offers the integration services by using the various methods and technology like API and any other method available to traditional EDI. To begin Wayfair edi specifications
a businessman requires having a Wayfair supplier external account.

The Wayfair edi integration as begins:- 

  1.   Contacting an EDI Service Provider

 The process begins with either submitting a ticket or reaching an EDI service provider with all the requisite information required by it. At many Wayfair EDI services for the requirement assessment a supplier is required to fill up all the information on a form.

  1.   Filling the information required by an EDI Service Provider

The second step is about providing the list wise information required by an EDI provider for data integration requirement (DIR). The information is used for integrating EDI with Wayfair.  The service providers give a list requirement details to a supplier to be filled or mailed to it.

  1.   Creating a Connection with a Wayfair EDI

This is an important step of the entire EDI integration process where required details are filled with EDI Wayfair Com requirements.  For the connection Wayfair EDI support following types of integrations:-

  • AS2 (Applicability Statement 2)
  •  VAN (Value Added Network)
  •  FTP (Direct Connection)

It depends upon the choice of a service provider which type of connection method they use in order to establish a connection between Wayfair EDI and a supplier’s system. However, most EDI service providers use AS2 to save expensive VAN charges. In order to create connection a service provider setup testing mode at staging as well as production mode. As Wayfair doesn’t have testing mode, therefore, a service provider pulls an order from production to the stage environment in order to generate return documents. At this stage documents are sent from the Wayfair system to a supplier’s system.

  1.   Setting up the Documents

This is an important stage where different types of EDI codes are tested to establish an overall data connection for the exchange of important business information. A test order (850) is sent and return documents are expected for the order types for EDI codes including (998, 855, 856 and 810).

The list of EDI documents include:-

EDI 850 Purchase Order (PO) The EDI 850 is used as a Purchase Order transaction set for Wayfair EDI. Through it an order is placed for goods and services.  EDI 850 contains the same data as in the paper Purchase Order (PO) document, including: Item, prices and quantities ordered.
EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment One of the ANSI X12 transaction sets, EDI 997 is the electronic version of a receipt that is sent in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order, EDI 810 Invoice, or any other transaction set. The transaction set only notifies the sender that their document arrived and was processed by the recipient
EDI 855 PO Acknowledgement EDI 855 is an ANSI X 12 transaction that ends the requirement of any call or fax by a seller to confirm the receipt of EDI 850 Purchase Order from a buyer. It further contains the further information whether the purchase order has been accepted or rejected.
EDI 856 Shipment An EDI 856, also termed as an advance ship notice (ASN) is used between trading partners to share transaction related information.   It is a standard compliance document centered on the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 format. It is the most common EDI standard used in the U.S., as defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The EDI 856 is primarily used for an advanced notice to a customer in case of pending shipment of goods and services.
EDI 810 Invoice An electronic alternative for paper invoice      EDI 810 is used as a response to receiving an EDI 850 (Purchase Order) as a request for payment of goods or services which have been sold.  The constituents of an EDI 810 include payment terms, invoice details and the order information.    


EDI 846 Inventory (Optional) An electronic alternative to paper inventory EDI 846 is used between trading partners to exchange data regarding the inventory levels for decisions such as whether a stock of inventory on hand is to be sold out or not.  


  1.   Testing with a service provider

As all the documentation has been set with wayfair edi compliance for different formats like JSON, XML, CSV, etc. for all types of data fields, the service provider at this stage will ensure that the data is adequately transmitted between parties.

And after that the entire data is set to be transferred and transacted between.  

Therefore, Wayfair EDI integration offers an extensive number of advantages to a supplier as it doesn’t require any third party software to exchange data as it is all an integrated process. There will be least manual entry from the part of supplier thus enabling his system to be completely error free, efficient and fast.


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